Earrings have been worn for thousands of years. Over time, earrings’ styles and designs have evolved. This continuous modification of jewelry is done to meet the tastes of women and also match with the current fashion trends. The two most popular styles of earrings are drop earrings and dangle earrings. So, what is the difference between the two?

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings do not drop below the earlobe. They are simple, but usually have some adornment such as gemstone, bead or charm drops. The piece hangs below the ear lobe, but it does not move when you walk or swing your head.

The drop earrings’ hanger has an O-shaped ring attached to the drop piece. Sometimes it’s just a single piece where the hanger is the hook and also the holder of the decorative part of the earring.

Dangle earrings

Dangle earrings, just like the name suggests; they swing forth and back or side to side. The dangle earrings hang below your earlobe, but the length varies with some falling as low as the shoulder. These earrings’ style can be a wire or a chain extending from a hook. The end can be a gemstone or even a bead. For luxury pieces, the dangle has a sparkling diamond or any other precious stone. However, some dangle earrings can have a waterfall look known as chandelier earrings.


The funny thing about dangle and drop earrings is that you can have a pair with the two styles combined. Some earrings have ornamental drop and an additional dangling part. The hanging charms, chains or beads and the stationary ornaments lying on the earlobe make it a combination of dangle and drop earrings. You can read more in this article to help you understand this topic better.

What Determines What You Can Wear?


Both dangler and drop earrings are worn on different occasions. For example, when going out for a party, long earrings will be perfect. This means drop earrings are the best choice. A Christmas event.


New Year’s party or birthday calls for evening dresses. A long gold chain will go perfectly with a kicky outfit. However, you can choose to wear sparkling cascading crystals. The drop earrings are fun making them less appropriate for formal.

Personal Style

Personal taste is what determines what you wear. Sometimes you just wear dangle earrings where fashion dictates you should wear drop earrings. It doesn’t matter, and the difference between the two can stop you from enjoying what you want. Your earrings speak a lot about your personality and mood.

Hair Style

Some hairstyles will not go well with dangle earrings others tend to hide your drop earrings. Dangle earrings give you an elegant look when worn with short hair or an updo. Young ladies mostly wear dangle earrings because of their length.

The older women will not look terrible in them, but most of them prefer drop earrings. Women regardless of their age can choose to wear any of these two types of earrings as long as they fit with their dressing and the event.