2019 is here with us, and it is another time to start inviting people for a wedding. The means in which you invite a person to a wedding will determine their response to either turn-up or turn down the invitation. Hence, this article will focus on looking on the most beautiful wedding invitation trend for 2019.

Designs with maps.

One can personalize their wedding cards by designing them like maps. These maps can include details of the location of the wedding and even the location of the groom and bride.


The maps are minimal in design, or detailed and elaborate. A map can be a wedding theme.

Garlands or wreaths.

A garland of flora and wealth is the trend for 2019, and this can grace your occasion in a variety of bloom and colors. The garland has grey, a pink and green floral frame that goes around wedding card wordings.

The couple can decide to customize their wedding cards according to the shape of their choice. Be it round, squire, bracket or ticket paper shapes. Thus, the day, it is the couple chooses that will prevail.

Elegant letterpress.

This is a technique that a script is pressed into thick paper making impression of some writing. The most important about this style is that it gives your guest a tactile contact with them. For couples who want to surprise their friends and family, this is the way to go in 2019.

Passport to fun.

This type of wedding cards comes in the form of passport. It has several pages with a different description. Few pages are dedicated to the groom, and the rest is devoted to the bride. The front page has a picture of groom while the back page has a picture of the bride.

Calligraphy and hand handwriting inspired.

This is the use of free hands to write messages of invitation. The letters are written harmoniously and skillfully to attain attractiveness.


This has also brought uniqueness to wedding cards as this will attract the attention of the invited. The calligraphers are coming up with new and modern hands that fell fresh.

Envelope Liners.

This will be the trend in 2019 as this is also one way that is making the guests to attend weddings. The inner layer of the envelope is decorated with a nice drawing of the flowers.

This creates a positive impression on the guest as this is the first thing they will see when opening the card.

Graphics/geometric details.

The use of shapes such as triangle, squire, oval among others is just some of the elegant wedding invitation cards. When these shapes are blended with graphics, they form a unique, eye-catching design.

Wedding card

The best thing with this design is that it is cheap since one can cut the cards according to the model and the desires of the quests.

Take away.

The choice of wedding card depends with the couple, and 2019 has already provided wedding cards that are so unique. Couples planning to have their wedding in 2019 should feel sorted since the list is endless.