Jewelry can give you an executive look regardless of how you wear them. They complement any outfit and ensure you have an exceptional look all the time. However, as much as the look pretty and brings excellent improvement to the way you appear, if you don’t attend to them right, their beauty will fade. The last thing you want is to have jewelry that is not attractive especially those that you have spent quite a bit of money on. Here are basic tips for buying and caring for your jewelry to maintain their original glory even through years of service.

Look for quality stamps

Quality is essential in any business you wish to venture. Before you start considering other aspects, ensuring that you are getting a quality product brings the confidence required for the business. The Sterling Silver Jewelry that is original must contain a quality mark. This indicates that you are getting pure silver jewelry under federal law. The mark is approved by the governing body to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sterling silver

Silver is a soft malleable, which can easily be damaged when used alone to make jewelry or ornament. Therefore, for it to build a durable and robust product, it has to be combined with other metal.


However, the concentration of silver should be higher than of the other metal to ensure you are getting a quality product. As you buy, it is essential to look at the ratio and know the percentage of silver and other metals. The typical ratio is 92.5% silver t 7.5% other metal. As silver is a soft product, it often requires a sturdy metal like copper to enhance beauty and stability.


Another essential tip as you buy sterling silver jewelry is the price. Price although most people don’t have high concentration towards it, it symbolizes more than just the quality of the product. With a reasonable price range, it even gets easy for you to budget or even calculate how much product you will get for the price. With a price target, you will also have the ability to identify on quality and still have an exceptional product.

Care tips for jewelry

After investing on your jewelry, you must ensure that your jewelry looks great. Here are a few tips that will ensure you take great care of your jewelry.

Constantly check your jewelry

You need to keep a close eye on your jewelry so that you know when you have to clean them primarily because you don’t wear some pieces most of the time. The pieces that are not worn frequently are demanding to know when they do not look clean.

It is recommended that you generally clean your pieces every 6-12 months after objective assessment. Your sterling silver jewelry is likely to be tarnished at this time.

Wash them

The next step is to clean them. A good wash is all most pieces require. Use a gentle detergent and some warm water. You may use some hand soap with no moisturizer. When you need to, use a soft brush to remove grime from crevices. After ensure you dry them thoroughly and quickly to prevent rusting.

Use a polish cloth

Your sterling silver will tarnish after a short period. However, these metals are easy to clean. All you need is to use a polishing cloth to remove it. Once you are satisfied with the results, rinse and dry to eliminate chemical residue.


Although there are several other tips to follow on caring and buying sterling silver jewelry, these basics will also help you well. They will ensure that you can make an informed choice based on your specifications and wants.