When choosing an engagement ring, it is important to keep tabs of your partner’s preferences. Whether it be your style, setting, colour or a jewelry ring, you would to feel special.Every year, you’ve new jewelry ring trends coming up. 2018 has been no different, and if you’ve your engagement coming up, you would need the right jewelry rings.

For instance, according to experts, a lot of brides are going for the more unusual cuts such as pear, trillion and marquise. On the other hand, grey diamonds are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

The Top Jewelry Ring Trends in 2018 You Need to Know About

If you want to keep tabs with the current trends of engagement rings in 2018, then read on.

Pave setting

The pavé setting is firstly pronounced as “paved”. This involves setting small diamonds together with minimal visibility of the tiny prongs holding the diamonds in place.


Diamonds in a pave setting are said to weigh as small as 0.1 carats. The most popular shape for a pave setting in 2018 is the Cushion cut. Although it still complements an Oval cut and a Diamond shape.Pave setting has a continuous sparkling effect on the stone. It highlights the centre of the diamond without overpowering it.

Milgrain setting

Milgrain decorated rings are commonly found in antique designs. However, they are taking centre stage in 2018. In French, the literal meaning of Milgrain is “a thousand grains “. In jewelry, it simply means decorating the edge surface of a ring with a lot of ” grains”.

This year has seen a lot of petite Milgrain rings with a tapered “pave” side. The Milgrain design works well with a diamond shape. However, you can also pair it with a halo or a three stone ring.

Three-stone engagement ring

A three-stone engagement ring has continuously been trendy because of what they symbolize. A lot of people bought them because they allow variety and personality.

Sometimes they are referred to as trilogy or trinity rings. This is because they represent:

The past, present and the future.

Friendship, love and fidelity.

This year is seeing a lot of Radiant cut three stone engagement rings. Most of them are tapered with Baguettes on either side.

Emerald cuts are also increasingly popular with Baguettes also tapered on the sides.The best thing about three-stone engagement rings is that you can personalize them. For instance, you can choose different cuts in either the three stones or choose different colours. The grey diamonds are more popular in 2018.

Coloured Gemstone

Choosing a colour will add a more personalized touch to the ring. Nowadays, a lot of people especially women are more impressed with a coloured gemstone.

Unique handmade engagement rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This phrase will forever be true. However, 2018, has seen a bit more depth into blue sapphire halo rings. Green emeralds are also very popular in the alternative to a diamond ring.


A solitaire setting is a perfect choice for wearers who desire a simple or more traditional design. They are designed with a singular diamond at the centre of the ring.A solitaire can be designed with any diamond shape. Cushion cuts are more trendy in 2018.Which of these jewelry ring trends are you the most excited about?