The current digital photography offers a lot to be desired about images. Soft focus for instance is an artistic wedding photography effect that makes the images look unique and appealing. But, how do you achieve this effect as a wedding photography beginner? Taking photos in a wedding is like a marathon event, the drive and the stamina required in this activity does not only stop with the last dance.

Once the event is covered, the formal reception, the dances and the formal portraits, you are left with a tone of photos to work on. Editing wedding photos by placing those final polish on the photos often work as the last final step to take make those shots from good to great.

Notably, Lightroom is one of the widely used software in editing wedding photos. The tool is easy to use and helps in organizing and editing photos in simple steps.


Besides, the software speeds up the editing process through the presets. Nonetheless, the program does not speed up the process unless you understand how to us the tool. So, how to you create soft editing in wedding photos? Here are top tips for editing those wedding images.

1. White vs. Highlights

With the latest version of Lightroom, you will have the capability to use ‘whites’ and ‘highlights’ as well as ‘blacks’ and ‘shadows’.

Choosing the ones to bring down on your image will have a significant effect on how harsh or soft the edit is going to be. As a rule of thumb, moving the shadows downward highlights up can create a nice and soft look. However, it is worthy to note that it does not work for all the photos.

2. Curves for better contrast

To make your wedding image pop a little bit, you can play around with the curves. You can adjust the curve of an image by creating a little S shape in order to make it appear dynamic.


Before you start playing with the contrast and sliders, adjust play with the curves first. In this way, you keep the process consistent throughout.

3. Fix the Yellows and Earthy tones

Out of all the wedding editing tips, this stands out. Greens and yellows colors always tend to be oversaturated especially during a bright sunny day, hence brining the saturation level down a little bit can help change the mood significantly. Whether you prefer muted or rich tones try to be as consistent as possible with colors.

4. Use Vignette

Most photographers and designers are afraid of using vignette. This is one of the amazing features offered by Lightroom program. The vignettes brings out some flair in your photos, however, just remember not to overdo it.

5. Warmer is better

When you have photos which feel washed, it is a show that there is a white balance issue. If you take shots with your camera on auto white balance, you images will eventually end up looking cold. Thus, using the temperature slider will help get the right feels of the image.

As a bonus tip, people always do not like unhealthy skin tones. You can fix the skin tone issue by using the HSL slider selection to make the photo look cool and appealing.