Are you suffering from a tattoo regret or curious about how long it will take to see results after removal? Similar to the high rates of tattooing, many people are seeking tattoo removal services. According to professionals, the best and most effective way of tattoo removal is laser technology. Other techniques including skin excision, skin grafts and dermabation are not only complicated but also painful. Furthermore, subcutaneous injections and topical creams are frequently futile.

One of the often questions about laser tattoo removal is how long it takes to start seeing results after treatment. This article exclusively goes through how long it takes you after tattoo removal to see results.

One Session Will Not Remove Your Tattoo Completely

Tattoo removal requires more than one session to see perfect results. Furthermore, tattoos on two different people are never precisely similar. After you attend your first session of tattoo removal, how long it takes to see results depends on various factors. These include your age, the position of the tattoo, the immune system of your body, how active your body is, and whether the tattoo is homemade or professional.


The tattoo removal fort lauderdale offers their patients great expertise and professionalism in which they begin to see minor fading within a month after treatment. You should note that some tattoos tend to look darker due to increased blood flow after treatment. However, this is just temporally.

6 To 12 Sessions Required for Complete Tattoo Removal

As stated above, one session is not enough to obliterate a tattoo. You need about six to twelve sessions that are commonly programmed six to eight weeks apart. If we calculate the average time for complete removal, this comes to about one to two years assuming you follow the schedule correctly without skipping the sessions.

The period difference is because some treatments can require fifteen sessions while others need as little as four sessions. These depend on the factors we had listed earlier.

The process is progressive and the more you get along with the treatments, the more the tattoo disappears. If you want to remove the tattoo with a single session, you better save the money. Majority of the people start seeing positive results after the third treatment which is about twelve to eighteen weeks.

Tattoos May Not Always Fade Consistently

The differences in depth, colours and thickness in a tattoo make it fade inconsistently. This may lead to fading of some parts of the tattoo while leaving others. More specifically, black, blue, or green colours and lines need different treatment and more time to fade away. This gives significance to the consultations and reviews before beginning your treatments.

Tattoo removal

Denser and thicker tattoos will take a longer time to remove and may not show immediate results. Additionally, the closer the tattoo is to the heart, the more it is easier to remove as it gets more blood and immune cells supply. This is the reason why foot and hand tattoos take longer to fade than back and chest tattoos.


After you get tattoo removal treatments, the body works to eliminate the unwanted tattoo ink for weeks. The time it takes for you to see the difference depends on many factors. But you will definitely need more than one treatment which will take some weeks or months to see results.