As you work on maintaining your good looks, you may need a beauty subscription box. A number of beauty subscription boxes with different features are available on the market. You may find it difficult to choose the right box even after getting recommendations from coworkers or friends. In this guide, you’ll discover the similarities and differences between two boxes: BoxyCharm and FabFitFun.


The FabFitFun beauty subscription box comprises a large makeup bag with a water bottle. It also comes with exfoliators that work well with a number of skin tones. The lip product and eyeshadow palate are pretty average for a beauty enthusiast. Most people like FabFitFun because it features workout stuff and occasional accessories, snacks and cooking stuff.

You’ll fill a questionnaire that determines the beauty items FabFitFun will send next time. You also have the freedom of choosing what the company should include in the beauty box before they finalize and ship it. FabFitFun will send you a confirmation email when the package is on the way to your house. The emails sent by FFF reminding you to upgrade or buy add-ons may be annoying to some people.


Just like its name suggests, BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription box that comes with lots of charms and surprises. The box features the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea palette. BoxyCharm also comes with makeup brushes of good quality. It features liquid lipstick that is quite awful.

BoxyCharm’s falsies are great for both first-time and regular users. Once you sign up for BoxyCharm, you’ll be receiving it every month. The beauty box is quite costly since it doesn’t have a monthly price value. The company doesn’t charge customers on a quarterly basis like other beauty boxes.


Most Boxycharm user reviews suggest that the brand doesn’t send spam emails to customers, unlike FabFitFun. The beauty subscription box also comprises great makeup related products. It targets beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists looking to achieve more elegant facial looks.

Factor in the Costs

While most beauty subscription boxes come out on a quarterly basis, others come out on a monthly basis. Analyze the amount you’ll pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. The beauty subscription boxes shouldn’t take a toll on your personal finances when carefully budgeted for. Choose one that comes with your preferred offerings at a reasonable price.


BoxyCharm is the ultimate beauty box solution for those looking to pay for beauty products monthly. On the other hand, FabFitFun is ideal for those looking to spend on a wide range of beauty products on a quarterly basis (once every three months). Both beauty subscription boxes promise to deliver makeup items that suit the customer needs. However, their products differ in terms of delivery and quality.

If you find the liquid lipstick on BoxyCharm annoying, you may consider choosing FabFitFun. Consequently, if you find the spam emails from FabFitFun annoying, BoxyCharm may suit you. Consider analyzing what both beauty subscription boxes have to offer before picking one of them. Weigh their advantages and disadvantages to determine one that has your best interests at hand.