The world is a fantastic place if only time takes us through and allows us to visit the sites. It has a lot to offer to its people. It is a good thing to explore the world and see a different culture and the way people relate with each other and in so doing chances of having a new experience are great.

Taking families out for such vacation is a great deal since they will have a lot to feel well of, working for a very long time without leave makes the whole thing look dull, and thus it is good if you take to move around the world to see what beauty it has. Visiting places is one of the fantastic things that you will ever do since by travelling you are sure of socializing and making new friends Thailand has a lot to offer for the lovers of the travel, the article will now take us through the must-see places in Thailand.

1. Ayutthaya Historic Park

The Ayutthaya historic park is one of the places that you will never like to miss while you visit Thailand; it is just an hour drive from Bangkok. It was considered to be the second capital of Thailand in the earlier years until it was destructed it has incredible things to offer the ruins have formed an archaeological park, and people can walk around the park and see the magnificent palaces, Buddha statues and the temples.


The park is also a home for several remarkable buildings. Among the most famous are the Wat Phra Ram temple and the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the good thing about the place is that once you finish with the ground, you can as well visit the large Buddha head that is just; located behind Mahathat temple.

2. Bangkok Grand Place

Bangkok’s grand place is also a fantastic place for you to visit as it has remarkable buildings as you walk down the streets. Here you will find that they are decently dressed when they enter the temple with ladies covering the shoulders it is a fantastic adventure to make, and it will offer you the best that you have been longing for.

3. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The floating market Damnoen Saduak, here you will be amazed at how things are being sold it will capture your day since it is one of the rare things that you will ever come across in the whole world.

The market in Thailand is lively, and they play a very significant role in the local culture.

The things to do in thailand is like experiencing an exciting floating market adventure from the long tail boat; the market is full of all the needed staffs ranging from clothes, food, fresh produce and also souvenirs.

4. Chiang Mai Sunday Night Walking Street

The shopping culture here is excellent and you will find that the walking street market starts as early as 4 pm and ends around midnight, where people sell their art and craft materials and thus you can be attracted to one and decide to purchase. Also, you will see the local musicians and street performers who will make your night amazing.

5. The Elephant Nature Park

The elephant nature park, for the lovers of animals then this is a better place for them as they will have a lot to learn from the elephant nature park. This is a place where the elderly, abused and injured elephants are found, they are rescued and kept here, the herd is made up of 30 elephants, and they are free to move and feed on their leisure without them being disturb. It is a common thing that the visitors will have to learn on the issues affecting the elephants and how to handle them.


The world is there for us to make a visit and see how different people behave, it is a fantastic adventure to have a new experience different from that of your country. During vacation you should try and explore the different places that you have been longing for, and this will be a sure way to give you a detailed idea on the various activities taking place in the world.