Vaping is one of the significant activities that has taken the whole world by a storm. Quite a number of people who can be termed as regular smokers have now been able to quit smoking by vaping. Comparing the effects of the traditional tobacco and an e-cigga, it is evident that an e-cigga is much safer and that is why the popularity of vaping is increasing every day.

However, vaping is not only famous because it is a perfect alternative for cigarettes, but also because of five other exciting and fun facts about it. I have outlined these facts below.

Vaping Has Conventions

In the recent few decades, the popularity of conventions has incredibly grown. There are three types of conventions; the comic book conventions, video game conventions, and the recently introduced vaping conventions.


Some of the conventions are very big, and they do attract very many people. Generally, it is viewed as an exciting way to engage in the hobby joyfully as it involves showing off the various accessories.

Many People View Vaping as a Hobby

Vaping is unique in its own way especially when compared and contrasted with smoking cigars and cigarettes. Many people do see any similarity between smoking cigars and vaping, but instead, they find it different.

According to them, vaping is just a hobby that ought to be celebrated with other people. It creates an excellent social experience when people come together to share various e-liquids as they come up with techniques to make it more enjoyable.

Vaporizers Were Given Out at the Academy Awards

Though this fact appears to be odd, it has a lot of truth in it. During the Academy Awards of 2016, vaporizers were actually given out as gifts. The vaporizers were received by various celebrities hence leading to high attention among the vaping community that existed during that time. This should not be taken as a surprise since there are very many celebrities who own smokey news – vape shop at Toronto.

The Vaping Community Comprises of so Many Celebrities

It might surprise you to know the number of celebrities who subscribe to the vaping community membership. Among them is a famous music artist such as Katy Perry who likes vaping regularly. Also, Jack Nicholson who is an all-time famous actor view vaping as a hobby, and he does enjoy it very much.


People find it hard to relate with celebrities since they think of them as being different from other people whereas they are the same and even their likes as similar to those of any random normal person out there.

Cloud Chasing is a Sport

Cloud chasing involves producing the thickest and most massive plumes of vapor. People who are enthusiastic about vaping have in the recent past converted cloud chasing to a kind of sports activity.

They have identified their competitors, and the action is treated with a lot of seriousness especially by the aficionados.

The takeaway

Learning about fun and exciting facts about vaping increases your knowledge concerning vaping. With many celebrities engaging in communities where people are introducing vaping convections, we can confidently conclude that vaping is indeed very popular.