Tattoos are becoming more popular today than never and according to experts, one in every three Americans has a tattoo. Interestingly, that one person with a tattoo has more than one in different parts of their bodies. Tattoos were introduced by Captain Cook in 1769 and today, different people have different tattoos with different meanings.

The tattooed person can tell you the meaning of their permanent art but at times, the meaning goes beyond what tattoo is. With that in mind, we care so much about you and we have prepared a list of different things a tattoo reveals about you.

1. You are extroverted

Have you ever heard of an extroverted person? Well, if you have not, this is an individual who is talkative and loves social activities. This means that a person with a tattoo regardless of where it is shows that they’re full of energy, sociable, friendly, fun-loving, and affectionate.

Make a tattoo

If you consider a person like Jamie Campbell who is an actor of the Twilight series, he has tattoos of a skull, a rose, and a bird and at one time he said that he is extrovert and this will definitely tell you how tattoos reveal about you. If you feel you possess these qualities, head to a tattoo shop and have your favorite image applied any part of the body you see appropriate.

2. You are unique

It goes without saying that people are unique in their own ways and having a tattoo confirms it. In other words, a tattoo is a mode of self-expression that separates you from other people which reveals that you are not like any other person.

Therefore, if you feel that the way you do things is not enough to express how unique you’re, you are lucky because if you are reading this article, you already know how to create your own uniqueness by putting a permanent ink in your body.

3. Shows how brave you are

If you have a tattoo, you already know how painful the experience is, right? Well, let’s face it, tattooing is not for the faint-hearted and putting that permanent ink under your skin is painful. Therefore, having your favorite image on your skin shows how confident you’re about your body.

Close up of the tattooist making by professional artist is tattooing body woman using machine in a creative design work studio

Nevertheless, if you decide to have a sweet and girly tattoo on your forearm, it will mean that you are very strong and tough on the outside but when it comes to your inside, you are really emotional.

4. You like creating attention

Having a tattoo is one way of creating attention. For instance, many people prefer having a tattoo on their forearms, neck, chest, and any other place that’s easily noticeable by the public.

At times you may ask yourself, why can’t people cover their tattoos? Well, the answer is that they put it there for you to see it and this means that they like creating attention.

Final thoughts

Tattoos are becoming more popular and more common than before. When you watch your favorite movie, television series or sports, you find that many people are tattooed. But have you ever asked yourself what those tattoos say about them? If not, this article has will be of help and you’ll be in a good position to distinguish what tattoos reveal about you or others.