Jobe: The Musical
Thursday, April 28 - Sunday, May 1
Thursday, May 5 - Sunday May, 8

Common House Productions and Hibernian Hall present the soul-music adaptation of the Biblical Book of Job.  Scripted and composed by Milton Wright; directed by Vincent Ernest Siders; arrangements by Kavayah Amn.  This musical takes place in the proverbial “Our Town” of Overton.  The minister Rutherford D. Thompson of The First Born, New Born, Non-Denominational, Totally Inspirational, Functionally Congregational Church of Overtown is preaching a sermon on the Book of Job.  He tells the story of a man named Jobe in their very own congregation who undergoes a Job experience.  Milton Wright's "Jobe" is full of breathtaking music and humane wisdom.

General Admission $30.  Seniors/students $15.  

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