Upcoming Events:
Moving Day
August 15-17, 2014

Moving Day is a powerful and heartfelt stage play, written and directed by Robyn L. Rease of Stage Praise Productions. Moving Day is the dramatization of the lives of three women and their journey to total victory and wholeness—overcoming abandonment, sexual abuse, and drug addiction. Based on actual events, the play creates separate stages for the stories of Hyacinth ‘Hycie’ Milner, Carrie Dumas, and Arlaine Douglas. Dynamic supporting characters help make us laugh while bringing us to tears of healing and deliverance. Filled with worshipful music and compelling dialogue, Moving Day pushes us to move on from the places our pain has left us and into the fullness of joy that God has provided.












Jobe: The Musical
September 18-21, 2014


This premiere musical takes place in the proverbial "Our Town" of Overton.  The minister Anna Bell of The First Born, New Born, Non-Denominational, Totally Inspirational, Functionally Congregational Church of Overtown is preaching a sermon on the Book of Job.  She tells the story of a man named Jobe in their very own congregation who undergoes a Job experience.  Milton Wright's "Jobe" is full of breathtaking music and humane wisdom.