Peter Snoad's "Guided Tour" Comes to Hibernian Hall in May!

Joe Bell has spent 14 years in jail for burning down the Gilded Age mansion in Rhode Island where he once worked as a tour guide.  Determined to prove him innocent, Susanna Hatch, a young law student, visits Joe in a prison psychiatric unit and learns some lessons about the irrational power of love.  Directed by Heidi Grumelot and featuring Vincent Ernest Siders (pictured) as Joe Bell, Melissa Jesser as Susanna Hatch, Elisabeth Rodgers as Lindsay Pettigrew, and Luis Negron as Martin Rivera.

Guided Tour is the second of four plays by Peter Snoad, our Visiting Playwright for 2013-2014, being produced at Hibernian Hall.  Snoad won two national awards for Guided Tour: The Stanley Drama Award and the Arthur W. Stone New Play Award.  Come see Guided Tour this May!